Friday, February 3, 2012

Cocoa's New Room, Step One

Still a work in progress on the final details, but here's where we're at after just switching rooms.  I already love it so much better- I love Cocoa's things in the yellow room, and the girls' room, with all its pink, looks so much better put together with the crisp green stripes and chair rail.

First, Cocoa's new room:

These paintings were done by my incredibly talented sister-in-law.  She painted them for Mimi's nursery, copied from the "baby animal" print my talented mother-in-law used for Mimi's nursery bedding- we kept it for Cocoa's room, it's just perfect!  The letter blocks were a gift to my mother from a family friend, when my little brother was small.  (He's in his 20's now, he won't miss them.)

Coren's Room

After his first nap in his new room, the girls were happy to help him really wake up.  Because, remember, every cleared off floor becomes a dancing stage.

dancing, to help Coren wake up from his nap

You can see the animal print below the crib.  The blue and yellow quilt on the bed was done by my Great Grandma Susie- she did her quilts entirely by hand, I feel so blessed to have some in our family!  The green quilt was my husbands, made by his grandma.  So...we have three generations of bedding in this room, plus one extra generation with the paintings.  Amazing!

I want to find decorations for the wall near the crib.  They'll either have to be bolted to the walls, or be feather light- this is earth quake country, we're always mindful of what we put near our heads when we go to sleep!

So, still a work in progress, but nice to see progress being made!  The kids love their new rooms.

just waking up from his nap

rocking in the chair


Anonymous said...

It so much fun to have a new room. :) That quilt is beautiful!

Franzine Kafka said...

those paintings are adorable! i love it.

Alexandra said...

Love all your family's quilts and home crafted decor. Your shelves remind me of my son's room when he was a baby. We did the same thing and had hand crafted wooden blocks with an animal theme. I've kept them because they have such good memories.