Monday, January 30, 2012

Planning the Girls Room

With the husband and I getting a larger mattress (it's coming Thursday! eee!) we waffled what to do with the old queen mattress.  Put it in the basement, for guests, to replace the current hide-a-bed?  Or, let the girls sleep in it?  (And then let them have a slumber party, and give up their room, when guests come?)

In the end, we decided to let the girls sleep in it.  I'm not sure, but a large part of that decision MIGHT have been because the bed itself is one solid piece, built by my husband: we are going to stand it on its side, and just slide it directly across the hall.  I don't know that it could actually go anywhere else??  Certainly not easily....SO...yes!  That is exactly where we want it, and we'll just move the girls into that bedroom.  Easy peasy, boss!  We have a thin, foam, Ikea mattress that our youngest daughter sleeps on- it will be stored underneath the bed.  Anyone who is feeling grumpy about sharing a bed can sleep on the trundle!  The girls always sleep well on vacations in queen beds, and I hope that this will help meet some un-met "cuddle" needs on Mimi's part, while still giving Ernie enough space to unwind.  They both love napping in our bed when we give them the chance, so they're excited to call it their own!  

The walls are a few shades of green, with stripes and such.  It's really pretty- I plan on adding pink touches to make the girls happy, and blue to make me happy.  

Something like this bed canopy would help girly it up in there- I like the blue touches.
Source: via Myrnie on Pinterest

These are just plastic cups, mod podged with great fabric, and stuck over Christmas lights.  The girls would get a kick out of this!  

Something like this, near the bed, would keep both girls happy.  We actually had to create a "library" in the master closet, and let the girls each pick out 10 books to keep on their shelf at a time.  They have a TON of books, and both love to read.  Problem is, the books are currently in the night stand between their beds- we'll have to choose a side for that stand to be on.  A pair of these might help smooth things over, and hopefully prevent one girl crawling over the other to get her books!

I've loved this fabric for years- maybe now I can find an excuse to use it in the girls' room? It would be great for book slings, yeah?
Source: via Myrnie on Pinterest

This girls and I went over the green room (their new room) and the yellow room (their current room) with a measuring tape and a checklist today, to dream about where furniture and pictures will go, and where clothes will go in new dressers (we're not moving dressers.)  So much fun!  I'm understanding why I used to come home from school and find my bed and all my stuff in a new room of the house.  Mom, I get it now!  Too fun.

For plans for the Master Bedroom see here


What I Did Today said...

Sooooo jealous about the King bed. I want one too! Those paper cup lights are awesome. I want some for my room. Coolest night light ever! Decorating is really fun. A lot of work, but super enjoyable.

Alexandra said...

I hadn't seen that fabric! So cute. I will be going to IKEA in late February when we visit Northern Virginia. I'll have to look for this. It would made like wall art too.