Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nest Necklaces, Flying Away

two silver nests with two blue and one brown bead

A friend wrote to me last week- I'm getting rid of (never worn) shirts in your size.  Do you want them?  Hmm...yes!  (I hate to shop.  She loves to shop.  I think I should hire her!)  She sent me six gorgeous, floaty, arty, flimsy-fabric, beautiful shirts.  I would never think about buying stuff like that- I mean, come on.  I'm normally a jeans and rubber boots kind of girl on the weekend.  But they're so beautiful!  I sent her these two necklaces as a thank you- one for her, one for a friend.

I also slipped in a pair of these, she'd admired a pendant in this style earlier.

tear drop glass pendant earrings with brown wire wrapping

PS- I'm going to tell you more about this necklace on Monday!
petite silver nest with three robin egg beads


Teresa said...

Beautiful =)

What I Did Today said...

What an awesome friend. I used to love shopping too. I have no idea what happened? Children, maybe? Your necklaces are gorgeous.