Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015

A productive week so far, and it's only Tuesday!  I started a new anti-anxiety medication, it's changed my life.

J and I went for a hike on Saturday evening- we had to race the sun to get back to the car before dark, but I can't wait to do this hike again.  We took the trailhead in the ymca parking lot, and followed the primrose trail loop.  Although, it's not really a loop.


Creek at the bottom of the hike.

E was not feeling well on Sunday, she chose to stay home from church.  We had a primary lesson together, watched videos of highland dancers, and made a cherry pie.  I promised M that we would have a fancy dinner on Sunday- the food wasn't fancy (rice, corn, and yoshi chicken I burned into inedible building blocks) but we used crystal glasses and my fine china.  Everyone had to keep their hands in their lap, sit up straight, keep their voices down, and not clink their silverware.  The girls just ate it up.  

Monday we studied gothic cathedrals in history- after school was done, the kids raided their candy stashes for hard candies and we melted them in the oven to make stained glass suckers, like the stained glass windows in the cathedrals.

I slept in late Monday morning, and E surprised me by sweeping off the front porch and redecorating.  Ha- that girl!

Another surprise when I woke up on Monday- E had pressed, dried, and laminated a cherry blossom for me!

C started preschool on Monday- I will make the curriculum last until Fall 2016 when he is ready for Kindy, but he needed something to do while the girls work.  They are having a hard time watching him color and play while they work, but I keep reminding them that I am keeping C busy for their sakes.  He loves it!

The kids spent the afternoon with my sister, while I went to my weekly wrist therapy appointment.  I've been going since the beginning of January- if I am careful my ganglion cyst doesn't flare up, my tendons have healed, and I am working in strengthing my wrists.  Doing good!  I brought home therapy putty today, my kids really, really, really want it.  C walks by and pokes it while I am working.  Goofs.

I taught two lessons in the afternoon, and after dinner took the girls out for new shoes and sweaters for their Easter outfits.  We finished up with huge pastries at Panera- Mimi was delighted to finally find herself on a Mom Date with accompanying treats :)