Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chore Chart

I have made a chore chart!

This is probably only exciting to me, since I've deliberated on design for years, and today finally decided to google "Washi tape chore chart," took a cursory glance at what popped up, and then did whatever I wanted to do.  

1) Type a list of chores in Word.  Size the font up to 18, format into two columns, and print.  I made multiples of things like "put away laundry" and "get dressed."
2) Trim paper around words, and mod podge onto wooden clothes pins.
3) I used a template and Sharpies to trace CHORES onto my canvas, and then decorated with Washi tape.  We all chose a ribbon design, and I sandwiched 12 inch lengths between the Washi tape I'd laid down and a new design.  
4) Push upholstery tacks into the frame of the canvas to better secure the ribbon.

Easy peasy, and finished during Cocoa's nap.

I've been on a cleaning binge/purging streak lately- a least half the kids' toys have either been put away for later, donated, listed in Craigslist, thrown away, or simply confiscated.  I cleared three garbage sacks of stuff from their bedroom floor the other day!  The books, I returned and Ernie organized the shelves again.  Clothes were bundled into the washing machine, and toys are in a bin in my room; they can each earn two  toys back every morning if their room and playroom are clean when they go to bed.  If they're not clean, everything I find out goes into my bin.  I'm going crazy, there HAS to be some order in this house!  Less stuff, so we can find what we want, and less stuff so we value what we have.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Band Sound!

My family performed at a dinner tonight for our senior citizens- is there a more fun audience to perform broadway and big band pieces for?  I think not.  My brother Bear is vocals, my husband is electric bass, and I'm on keyboard.  My sister, LoLo joined in for a duet on Cuando, Cuando, Cuando.

We were on between dance numbers from a local ballroom school- for these last three in our set, they came up to the floor to dance with whomever they could get out of their chairs!  Too, too much fun.  So glad we were invited to perform!

These three were our closer pieces- I'll upload the others as well, we all chose a few classic broadway pieces to open.

"Cuando, Cuando, Cuando"

Foggy Day

Feeling Good