Thursday, June 26, 2008

Really Easy Purse

I've done a lot of cheap and quick crafting in the past year, but I think this is one of my favorites. Ernie and I found these two place mats at the thrift store yesterday, and I turned them into a purse in about 15 minutes during her nap. It only took so long because a) I move slow and b) I might possibly be a little AR about my strap placement, making sure they line up and are all sewn the same distance into the bag. But we already knew that!

You could probably make this cheaper by using fabric (I paid $1 each for the placemats) but I like how thick they are. Also, you could make a lining to sew pockets to- I would dearly love some pockets in here, but can't figure out a feasible way to sew them on without the stitching showing on the outside. Hand-stitching and just catching the inside layer is not feasible, no. Not in my book!

Large Purse Tutorial

2 placemats
Ribbon, or other handle material (could be store-bought handles)

1. Put placemats right-sides-together, and pin.
2. Mark diagonal lines across the lower two corners- the farther out the lines from the corner, the shorter and wider your bag will be.
3. Sew around the side edges and bottom, following corner markings at the bottom.
4. Sew handles on- I used a wide ribbon, cut long enough for the bag to fall between my bust and hips. I sewed them on by stitching a square. Oh, if you use ribbon be sure and "bind" the bottom edge somehow so it doesn't unravel. I use polyester ribbon, so I burn the edge.


No-L said...

I love it! I think I will make on my self. About the pocket thing, the only thing I can think of is stich witchery (where you just iron the seam of what ever you wanted) but I don't know how strong the hold is but unless you are putting bricks (hehe) into your purse. I think it could work.

Casey said...

You could make a lining for the purse and attach the pocket to the lining. It is much easier than it sounds.

1) Cut lining material the same size as your two placemats. 2) Attach the pocket. 3) Sew along the sides and bottom leaving a gap in the bottom to turn. 4) Turn the lining inside out and place the purse, rightside out inside. 5) Sew along the top edge, joining the purse and lining. 6) Pull the purse out through hole in the lining and then machine stitch the hole shut. 7) Slip the lining into the purse and top stitch around the edge if you want. :)

Simone said...

My daily how-to. Thanks a bunch. Good Luck with those skirts. Isn't that a fun book.

Elizabeth said...

This is neat, Myrnie. If I can get my machine to work I think that I will try this.