Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diaper Envelope Tutorial

You know how sometimes you just have to get a certain thing done, no matter that it's unnecessary, could be done later (if at all), and is probably just a silly idea anyway?

I have a one-week-old baby, so of COURSE I got the sewing itch this week. I want to make a skirt that fits. I want to make pencil pouches that don't require hemming. I want to make a diaper envelope.

At least I can check one off the list! (I bought supplies for the other two Saturday afternoon. I'm sorry Mom, this IS how I keep my sanity!)

What is this for?
  • It's so I can take a handy little pouch full of diapers and a little case of wipes to the changing room, without lugging the entire diaper bag and trying to balance it on a too-small counter.
  • It's so my purse can become a diaper bag lite.
  • It's so I can FIND the diapers and wipes with one hand, in one shot.
  • It's so Wonder Daddy can sneak into Relief Society and grab a few diapers and wipes. (Because I'm SURE that Baby Mimi will be a wonderful addition to his Valiant 11 class. She'd never distract all those little boys. Right? Right?)

Diaper and Wipes Envelope
Two 25"x8" pieces of material

1. Sew right sides together, leaving an opening at top of rectangle for turning. Turn and press.
2. Fold up bottom 10 inches, with inside fabric on the inside, and top stitch edges to make pocket. Back stitch top and bottom to reinforce. Press.
3. Fold in open edge of turning hole, and top stitch shut. I used a decorative stitch on my machine, in a contrasting thread. I like contrasting thread a lot.

You could make a closure-- button and hole, velcro dots, button and a string to wrap around it, etc.-- but I left mine as is. I don't anticipate anything falling out, and I want to be able to open this one handed.

One note- when I sewed mine into a "pocket" I sewed it right sides together and then flipped, but now my pocket is about 1/8th inch narrower than the flap, and the top lies wonky. I think if you top stitched, this issue would be solved.



Super sweet and super clever! And 'wonky' is a perfect sewing term! I'll have to remember that one.

Casey said...

That's a very clever idea! I think you should see if you can get one of your tutorials posted over at whip up. You have lots of fun stuff to share. :)

Dianna said...

Great tutorial, and great idea! Thanks.

LunaMoonbeam said...

Look at you go, girl! Looks great.