Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Year- A Letter to Cocoa

chocolate cake




the group shot







Cocoa Puff, we love you.  I love your calm, I love your belly, I love your cheeks.  I love the way you push your head down and huff and pant when you crawl to me.  I love how you crow and scream with delight when you find a new trick to do with a toy.  I love how you drum everything you can.  I love how you sit and bash your heels against the floor- your core muscles must be so strong!  I love how you sneak away to your sisters' room after I tuck them in for the night, and I love hearing them laugh and giggle when they discover you.  I love how you love your daddy, and your sisters, and me.  I especially love how you love me.  I love how your legs wear 9-month clothes and the rest of you wears 2T.

As I'm typing this, you just learned how to draw on my wall with a crayon.

You don't put things in your mouth.  Not anything.  A week ago, you put a toy in your mouth but it was just a fluke.  You didn't get to eat your birthday cake, except for the little morsels we put on your tongue, as consolation prizes.  Your first birthday cake was not your favorite thing ever, you would have liked it so much more had you tried to eat it!  (I made you a one-bowl chocolate cake- Grandpa thinks it should have had frosting, and I totally agree.  The rest of us had a Texas chocolate sheet cake.  Oh my, it was good!)

When we hold you up in the air, you kick and kick and kick your legs.  Your daddy holds you up more than I do- since you learned to crawl last month, I've carried you less and less.  You are so big!

You don't sleep well at night.  Last night, you woke up every hour between 10:30 and 2:30.  Or maybe 3:30?  But then, you slept till 7:30.  You're nice like that.

You've been teething since you were 4 months old, but right now you only have three teeth- two on the bottom in the front, and one incisor in the top.  It's on the left side, my left.  Your whole mouth looks like it's ready to bubble and boil, your teeth are right there.  Poor kid.

You love to nurse.  You are huge, and you pretty much only drink milk.  My body is still in new baby mode, trying to keep up with you, but we're doing it and I'm grateful for that.  I have the rest of my life for my self to be my own- for now, it's yours.  You like to eat a dozen bites of whatever I'm having for dinner, and then when you get bored of eating I let you play with the spoon and your bowl of food, in the hopes you'll learn to put it in  your mouth.  You poke at it, and then throw it all over the side of your tray.

Cocoa, we love you so much!  Happy birthday!



J. said...

The cake is great. First birthdays are so fun and your baby will love reading this post one day. I wish you both another great year with more sleep.

Bobbi Lewin said...

This is such a sweet letter! It will be fun for you to look back on in years to come:) It's amazing a year has gone by already!

Alexandra said...

Happy birthday handsome boy! That's so cute how he goes looking for his sisters at night. :)