Monday, July 21, 2008

Picture Frame and Wire Earring Holder Tutorial

Made a fun little craft for J's sisters- their birthdays were in June and July, and I promised I would have birthday gifts waiting for them when they arrived. Because I'm really bad at getting things in the mail!

These are wooden picture frames from the thrift store, sans glass and backs, painted to match their rooms. I hot glued wire across the backs (tip: hold the wire down, and put a glop of hot glue on top and hold it till it dries a little). Voila! Hook-earring holders, that's don't take up any counter space. Ribbons are from my stash, paint is from the sample cans we've purchased for various rooms in the house :o) It took two coats of paint.

If I did these again, I might use a piece of tape to hold the wire down before gluing. And I'd try to find some way to make the wire straighter/tighter. But overall, I think they turned out pretty cute!

Here's the cute girls blowing out their candles...and Uncle Fireball in the background. No, I don't have many "nice" pictures of him. It's a gift of his. (The cake is J's favorite.)

The girls...really liked their gifts?

Ernie liked the cake.
So did Uncle Fireball.

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