Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

J woke me up at 6:30 this morning- Cocoa had peed the bed.  "Sorry" he whispered as he left for work.  "My fault" I muttered- I'm the one who gave the three-year-old a glass of milk right before bed.  He was up so much the night before, I had hoped a full belly would let me sleep longer- win some, lose some.  

After his shower I got back in bed and he followed me- he kicked most of the time, but we slept till 10.  Here's hoping some sleep will make both of us more human!

I made toast for C and grabbed myself a cold piece of pizza.  I made a quick salad for the turtle, Master Oogway, and tried serving it on a tile I found in the garage, instead of the dish he came with- he never can reach all his food.  He's been here a little over a week, and I am still voraciously reading forums and books trying to learn best practices for turtle care.  He's an eastern box turtle, we think.  A neighbor is suddenly moving to Europe, and needed a home for this seven-year class pet veteran.  He enjoyed his diced apples, lettuce, and herbs on mashed pumpkin.  I topped it with a sprinkle of calcium supplement and some worms I dug out of the Vermicompost bin.

By the time I finished feeding the turtle, C had finished his breakfast, gone outside to ride his scooter, come inside to use the bathroom, missed, and yelled for me that he peed on the carpet.  Second shower of the day for him- this is NOT normal.  I got him cleaned up, cleaned the carpet, and started a load of laundry. I took my shower while he got dressed.  

By 11:30 the kids were settled into math.  They worked hard until I served lunch at 12:30.  Mimi finished up science after lunch and was free for the day.  The sun was shining so I sent the two littles outside to burn off some steam.  Santa brought everyone scooters and it's been the BEST.  They love them.

  E still owed me two hours of work- that's our deal.  I get three hours of GOOD school work from her every day, and she has a promise of a solid end time.  I reserve the right to not count time she wastes.  School normally starts right at 9, but... I slept in.  Good thing too- I was over tired this weekend and in a deep funk.  

E Finshed her work at 3:00, and had the rest of the afternoon to herself.  I threw some drumsticks and Yoshi sauce in the cooker for dinner, and a pot of rice and huge salad made a nice meal.  The kids loved the chicken, I will have to remember that.  Because my ninja cooker can do oven duty, the sauce got thick and sticky, instead of thin and watery.  A few stirs at the end meant everything was gloriously coated, with no basting.  

We watched the Ohio vs. Oregon college football playoff game for family night- the "ducklings" were thrashed soundly.  (Cocoa coined that name.  Hee.)