Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It's a good thing Ernie has a good brain.  She called to me from across the house this morning "Mom?  Doesn't Cocoa have a doctor appointment this morning?"  Oh...SNAP!  It's in 20 minutes!  Mimi found her shoes, Ernie got dressed, I got dressed, and we were in the car 4 minutes later.  THAT, folks, is a record!

Oh, and yes Cocoa is growing nicely.  27 pounds.  32 inches.  Totally normal for a 2-year-old.  That's my boy!  (Actually, yeah, because ALL of our kids have been normal for kids double their age, when they were young.)

Lunch was anticlimactic today- I served the girls their chicken noodle soup from last night, they decided they weren't hungry anyway, and they went down for naps.  (Heh.  Their faces at dinner, when I sat down to a big plate of pesto pasta and spinach salad, while they looked sadly at their chicken noodle soup again.... priceless :)  Both humbly requested MY help in spooning their noodles and carrots and onions into their mouths, they didn't have the will power to do it themselves, but my oh my did they want pesto pasta!  They both ate half a plateful of spinach salad, after small servings of pasta, just to get MORE pasta....and then Mimi ate three rolls...hungry much?  :)

When Cocoa woke up, I pulled everyone out of bed.  We are GOING OUTSIDE!  Cocoa chilled on a blanket, I attacked the bushes that swallowed my side path (seriously, it was GONE, under a barrier at least 6 feet high.)  The girls dug in their garden box and played on the swings.  I love these little sun breaks in February that we get!  It was cold, in the 40's, but gorgeous.

My bush clippings yielded berries for my favorite yearly wreath-
berry wreath

berry wreath

berry wreath

I really don't know what these bushes are, and I whack them back every year, but I keep them around just for these berries.

I saw some major signs of growth this afternoon, too.

daffodil shoots

Spring is coming.

(Oh, and guess what?  He's doing this like it's no big deal.  Like we haven't waited 1 year and 2 weeks for him to stick a toy in his mouth.  Mom?  I admit I was a bit shocked to find my baby in your lap, drunkenly sucking on a lollipop, Saturday night.  But you're like some kind of evil genius- you totally broke the barrier for him.  Thanks.  Nothing lollipop-shaped is safe from him now!  Score!)