Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Really, Really, Really Good Day


We managed to be done with morning chores, piano lessons, school, and Cocoa's nap by 11 this morning, so we all piled in the car for a grocery store outing.   Exciting stuff, taking three kids to the grocery store!  As we're loading up, Ernie is explaining just how VERY good they will be, because they know that Mama doesn't take leaving the house lightly.  If this doesn't go well, they will not be going with me to the grocery store for another month or two, I'm not even joking.  (I only go grocery shopping once every week or two, so it would be rather easy to not take them with me.)

We made it all the way through the store, with a bulging cart (mostly because Mimi insisted on sitting in it, and she was mostly happy rolling around with our broccoli, cauliflower, onions, tangerines, graprefruit, blood orange, canned beans, whole chicken, marshmallow, powdered sugar donuts, and mini marshmallows.  More on the treats later.  Is that  a weird shopping list?  What do you buy at the store?  Oh, and I had a half pound of the most AMAZING green olives, con pits.  They're bright green, round, and just amazing.  No, Mom, I'm definitely not pregnant!)  I had handfuls of seed packets picked out, too, before I realized there was no coupon on them this week, like there was the past two weeks.  If there's no coupon next week, I'll just go ahead and get them anyway.  It's time to start tomatoes and cole crops inside!  I'm kind of excited about that detail of February.

Ernie had packed along her old-lady wallet (seriously- it used to be my grandma's, it's one of those big ones that can hold a check book, and it's made of a patchwork of dyed leather, all plums and greens.)  She and Mimi had grand plans of buying something at the store...maybe a coloring book!  Since they didn't have time to jail break Mimi's coins from her bank, Ernie offered to let Mimi use some of hers.  I swear, money means nothing to my kids- it's awesome.  Ernie gave Mimi her old piggy bank for Christmas, because she had two.  After Christmas she kept asking me for jobs to do to earn money...because Mimi didn't have any money, and Ernie though she needed some for her bank.

I asked the girls if they'd like to go to a magical place called the Dollar Store, and NOT spend $6 on a coloring book this morning.  Oh yeah!  So we trooped home for lunch and naps (both girls actually slept today, which is good because they've been CRAZY EYED lately.)  This afternoon we took a long adventure.  First stop, the gas station and car wash.  The fellow at the car wash was working for tips, and working hard- he spent about 5 minutes scrubbing our car down pre-machine, and then towel dried it afterwards, and this was just a basic wash.  He totally earned that tip.

Next stop, Dollar Tree!  My girls went bonkers- "Look Mom!  Look Mom!  Look at this Mom!"  Haha.  It took three trips around the store, but Mimi finally chose a bag of chocolate hearts, and Ernie picked out a pretty dandy little sewing kit.  Quick stop at the bank on the way home, then pizza for dinner, baths, a chapter of Harry Potter with Daddy, and lights out.

Good day, y'all.  Really, really, really good day.  


Catherine Anne said...

I LOVE good days as this!

Alexandra said...

Yahhh, for good days! My daughter goes bonkers at the Dollar Tree as well. We can never have enough bubble bath, glitter, glitter glue or some other crafty supply. We got a really cool cardboard doll house there last week. I had never seen those there before!