Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Make an Advent or Count Down Candle

Advent candle

Materials Needed:
1 taper candle
permanent, fine-tip, marker
a festive sticker

This was such an easy thing to put together, but the kids have really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd throw the idea out for anyone who'd like to have their own.

Lay your candle out next to a ruler, and measure from the top tip to about an inch and a half from the bottom.  Divide this number by 25, and mark off each section with a permanent, fine-tip, marker (I used a colored Sharpie.)  Label each mark with a number, and put a festive sticker at the bottom to mark the big day.

This has been such a big hit, we might do these for other events- counting down to birthdays, the arrival of relatives, last day of school..... if you can't find a sticker you like, you could use a pressed flower or picture on a thin piece of tissue paper, and use melted bees wax or paraffin, painted under and over, to secure.  

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Teresa said...

What a wonderful idea= pinning this so I can remember to do this next year.
Merry Christmas