Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, did I tell you the news?  I've SLEPT?  Cocoa goes down around 9:00, and gets  up around 11:30 and 6:00.  I will totally take it.  Since I put an extra blanket on the girls' bed, they've been sleeping like bugs in a rug too.  I should just turn the heat up- the girls have three quilts on their bed, and I sleep under 4 quilt layers.  But it's cozy for Winter, right??

We spent our morning with the cousins, playing and decorating cookies.  I love that we live so close to family, and that the kids have cousins to play with.  (So excited to have them meet their other cousins this Summer!)  We came home a bit after naps- Ernie insisted the entire way home that she was NOT tired.  NOT.  (In between sobs at having to leave her cousins' house.  She was SO tired.)

So, she slept about three hours, woke up at 4:00.  It's 9:30 pm, and she's sitting on the couch reading, haha.

Valentines Day 013

The kids were all excited about dinner- biscuit nights are not taken lightly around here.  (Yes, biscuit nights- they only pay enough attention to the soup to eat what I give them so they can ask for another biscuit!)  Heart-shaped cookie cutters pretty much made me Mom of the Year, sa-weet.

Valentines Day 014

chicken noodle soup


After dinner, the girls cleared the dishes so Ernie could pass out our Valentine's bags.  I had fun this afternoon writing up Wonder Daddy's cards- this is our tenth Valentine's Day together!  There was a card for each year, with a little about what happened that year, and a little something mushy.  There are so  many things to love about that man.  We've come a long ways in the past ten years.

valentine bags

I had a little something extra made up for Wonder Daddy, too- the kids were mightily impressed!
chocolate covered marshmallows

(chocolate covered marshmallow, chocolate covered marshmallows with coconut, and chocolate covered peanut-butter-smeared marshmallows.  Om nom.  I anticipate he will share heavily, since I made four of each kind.  Or not.  He likes chocolate a lot...there's a reason I call his son Cocoa.)

What fun to have a day just to tell my family how much I love them!  Last year, Valentine's Day completely slipped by me- I was so grateful that my fantastic mother-in-law left love notes for everyone as she left for the airport after her long post-baby visit.  It means so much to the girls to have special days.  (Nana...the girls send hugs!)  My mom slipped the kids their Valentine's last week when she saw them- they've been wearing their special necklaces ever since.  It's just little things.

valentine garland

heart garland

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