Saturday, February 22, 2014

Basement Remodel- The Demo Begins

The playroom after removing all the carpet.

Interim playroom- just a handful of their favorite toys and a cozy rug and some bright lights.

A big storm last week knocked down some fence and opened up some leaks in the basement.  Our playroom has always gotten a little wet in winter storms-  first on one wall it would leak a bit until we plugged it up, and then on another wall and we never found the hole there.  It was annoying, but peeling back the carpet and running fans for a few days always fixed the problem short term until the next winter at least.  This time, we found puddling water in the middle of the guest room and found ourselves panic- starting a basement remodel.  It was on our list... But perhaps not so soon, yeah?

The guest room, currently.

The other half of the playroom

My dad came and helped us take down the rotten fence, cut and haul carpet, and load everything in the truck for the dump.  A friend of mine, K, came with her little toolbox and a pair of gloves and helped me move everything in the playroom to pull up the carpet and start taking out tack strips.  They were awesome!  Couldn't have done it without their help.

We are getting bids next week in a new fence and gates, and waterproofing the basement.  

We took about 2,300 pounds of stuff to the dump, and I threw out four bags of trash from the playroom.  It's something!