Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Third Week of September 2014

J spent the week at a conference in Portland last week- we missed him, and he learned a ton of good things about graphs.  

On Monday we celebrated the arrival of autumn- we made a poster and a little table scape and counted down to the moment it started-- I happened to read the time in the news.  We had our poster, a pumpkin, an angel of thanks, a warm yellow cape from last Michaelmas, and some battery candles.  The kids were thrilled.

Thursday was my pre-music group lesson.  We played the zither, and the kids enjoyed it a lot!

Our music room is looking so nice- I love having an uncluttered and uncrowded  room for music.  I don't have to duck behind furniture, the copy machine is easy to get to, and it's just lovely.  J plans on hanging his guitars on the wall.

My niece turned 8 over the weekend- she celebrated with a Zumba party at the church building, with a sushi bowl lunch.

Saturday was the second "all women" broadcast- as of last April these are for ages 8 and up.  Ernie and I seem to have established a tradition of going together, then going out for ramen.  Yum!