Monday, February 13, 2012

A Lunch Snapshot

So, I went to bed just ON FIRE last night.  I had great one on one time with E yesterday, everyone had a fabulous and happy day, we were going to start this week off perfect.  Cocoa even SLEPT last night, just getting up at 11:30.

I kind of forgot that my kids still have the choice to wake up grumpy, mumbling, crying, and whining.  Whoops!  They were better after breakfast, but school was a no-go this morning.  After getting through math and reading, I let the girls goof off with playdough and card games, Ernie and I tried again after "nap" time.  Science, handwriting, and spelling weren't a big deal then.

I got the camera out to mess around with the new lens- it's a fixed lens, I can't zoom at all.  The lowest F stop is 1.8, which is pretty low- it lets in a ton of light.  It's amazing for indoor shots, especially here in the gloomy PNW.

Muffin tin lunches for the girls- tried to get a rainbow in there.  (Ernie's native diet is white on white, no matter what I serve.  She finds a way to only eat the white parts.)  Red apples and ketchup, orange carrots, yellow cheddar cheese, green broccoli, and dried plums stood in for all the blues.  Quartered ham sandwiches for E, and bread fingers with honey for dipping for Mimi.  The apples weren't a big hit- I think it's time to cook them, they're getting a bit mealy.  They've been stored since last November.

Cocoa kept himself busy while I made lunch

Of course, it was something I just threw together.  No big dill.  *Sigh*

The girls have been loving the easel lately- I'm loving this little town they drew together.

chalk drawings

The classic Ernie smirk.  She pretty much loved that her sandwiches were on sticks.

Poor Cocoa is teething the end of the day, his face was fairly shellacked with goobers, tears, drool, bananas, and whatever part of our frittata he ate at dinner tonight.  One head of broccoli, one onion, a couple handfuls of crimini mushrooms, lots of garlic, lots of pepper, and a goodly amount of spinach, sauteed and bound together with eggs.  E had 3 helpings!  Score one for mom!  E is getting sick it just an end of winter Thing?  Probably has a lot to do with our grain-heavy diet in the winter- they're mostly whole grains, yes, but still.  Girl needs some veggies in her life.  We're working on it- definitely need to get better at including produce with snacks and lunch.  Dinner is normally pretty good in the veggie department, but that doesn't count if she doesn't eat it, right?  Summer is good for her- she loves berries, loves fresh green peas, loves fresh tomatoes.  They just don't taste as good when they're flown in from south america, my kids don't LOVE them like they do in the summer!  My dad's been slipping us huge boxes of California strawberries now that they've hit the stores, the girls have loved that.  Spring IS coming!

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