Monday, February 6, 2012

A Giveaway

Head over to Motherhood Reflections today, and you can enter to win a big prize bundle, including a dainty little nest necklace from my shop!  (This is the twin sister of the necklace I sent.)

petite silver nest with three robin egg beads

In similar news, I put up a shop update over the weekend- I'm pretty excited about new color combos!

2012-02-03 etsy

Things have been quiet in this space- I'm sorry about that.  My children have decided they don't need sleep, and my free time is very small right now- I spend more time feeding and rocking Cocoa than I do in my own bed, I think.  Once he falls asleep at night, I rush off to find my own bed.  I sincerely wish I had the ability to sleep while sitting up, or while touching somebody, but no: I can only sleep alone, in my bed.  Of course, Cocoa slept great last night, just got up two times (1:30 and 4:00.)  I put him back to bed at 4:00...and lay in bed till 5:00 when my husband's alarm went off...and lay in bed till 6:30 when Cocoa got up again....yawn.  I spent my dark morning hours holding Cocoa, and googling the effects of long-term sleep deprivation.  Did you know the last time I slept through the night was August?  And it happened, like, three times that month?  Those were nice nights.  (There might have been a night last month that we slept all through the night, but I can't remember- sometimes I wake up in the morning, and can't remember what I did all night.)

I have one more year until I can expect Cocoa to sleep through the night, consistently, if my girls are any indication.  So I'm not complaining, I know this story already.  I'm just really, really tired.

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Teresa said...

Oh I remember night like that- I think it is to get us ready for menopause- then its the hot flashes that keep us up all night- =) the cats out of the bag sorry- =/