Sunday, February 12, 2012


Epicness has been happening around here.

Friday, some large packages arrived- I guessed they were for my husband, he's been doing some for-fun ordering on his birthday gift cards he received a bit ago.

"Open them up!"  he says when we got home that night.  "Your name is on them, isn't it?"

That man cleaned out my Amazon wish list, guys.  But what made me cry like a baby was that he'd included a note, in his order, for each item.  Love notes, via Amazon, that came on little square printed pieces of paper in the bottom of the box.  The camera tripod thanked me for being strong and immovable.  The danish dough whisk commended me for whipping the family into shape.  And so it went, for my new favorite album, the 1.8 lens I've been pining for, a spare lens cap.  I have saved probably every scrap of paper that man has ever penned a note to me on, even the "I'll be home late tonight, I promise I'll do the dishes tonight!  Don't do them!" notes from our early marriage.  I love notes so very, very much.

Late night point and shoot, SOOC, with Cocoa and my new lens.  Swoon.  I have much work to do, and much to learn, but I love it!

What also happened Friday is that my house got cleaned.  Top to bottom.  It took HOURS, and not my hours- we hired a woman to come out every other week and help out.  She needs the job, badly, and we need the help, badly.  If I could point to one thing that I have never, ever been good at it's cleaning.  My room was always a mess at my parents' house, I was always behind on vacuuming out my car as a teen, and it just goes on.  We made up our minds that if I was going to spend 5 hours a week teaching piano lessons, and spend 8-10 hours a week teaching school (yes, really, that's all!), and make it priority to make as much of our food as possible (hello bi-weekly double batches of bread dough!), when Wonder Daddy found a job we'd find a spot in our budget for help with the house work.  I am so grateful.


Franzine Kafka said...

how sweet

J. said...

Wow. What a breathtaking experience. So sweet. I'd love a top to bottom cleaning of my house too. Getting help sounds like a good idea.

Bobbi Lewin said...

This brought tears to my eyes:) What a sweetie of a husband you have! It also reminded me I need to vacuum. Darn. I've become a terrible housekeeper;)

Teresa said...

So sweet and thoughtful- Happy Day
PS. Love the picture...nothing quite like baby hair =)

Alexandra said...

Beyond awesome! Care to share ur camera type? It really does make nice pictures. Housekeeping really is difficult when you homeschool, and you've got another job on top of that! I'm sure the extra help will really give you much needed rest, so that you can focus on other things.