Friday, November 2, 2007

Folk Magic

I have a new weapon in my arsenal against the common cold: onion syrup. Basically, layer slices of one large onion with one cup sugar in a glass jar, cover, and leave on the counter 1-2 days until all the juice has been pulled out of the onion. Store the syrup in the fridge (recipe from Seattle PI). It's a mucus thinner- I may be just desperate and crazy, but after I give E a half teaspoon of this stuff I can hear her cough change. It has that "mucus is breaking up" kind of sound to it, where it didn't before. And it's just onion juice and what could half a teaspoon hurt? She likes the taste, too. Cold medicine has been banned for small children, and I always felt like it didn't help much to begin with (I want the cold OUT of her body, so stopping her runny nose won't help me.)

This can also be done with garlic or ginger. Enjoy!


Kathryn said...

Onions have been used historically for medicinal purposes, so it sounds like it would work.

Here is a link to the history and use you might find interesting.

I did have a question though; after the 2 days, do you remove the onion from the syrup or leave it in?

Kathryn said...


Thank you for getting back to me via the comment on my blog.

It does smell bad but it doesn't taste that bad due to the sugar and it did seem to help with (I used 2 TBSP) with congestion.

It also looks like some sort of exotic ingredient an alchemist of a witch would use and it does smell bad when you open it. This would be a great prop for a Halloween party.

I will make this again and next time I think I will try it with ginger instead of the onion.

Thanks again for sharing this will all of us on your blog!