Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beaded Eyeglass Chain

Here is a project I learned from a friend at a "Super Saturday" enrichment activity.

7 strand, .018 diameter, nylon coated stainless steel beading wire (Avalon is one brand), cut to desired length

seed beads and various larger beads for interest- maybe 2 tubes worth? It takes a lot.

2 crimp beads

rubber "eyeglass holders" for ends

Starting at one end, thread one crimp bead, followed by 10-13 seed beads, then one of the eye glass holders. Thread end of wire back through crimp bead, and hold in place while you crimp bead together with needle nose pliers.

Follow with a few larger beads to hide tail of wire, and continue stringing beads in whatever pattern you like. When you come to the other end, thread a few larger beads, one crimp bead, 10-13 seed beads, and the eye glass holder, and thread end through crimp bead and the larger beads. Crimp bead. Use baby nail clippers to cut any wire tails off that are too long to be hidden under the beads.

This project takes about an hour- those seed beads don't take up much space! If you can't find the supplies at your local craft store, try a bead store. They'll even have tubes of pre-mixed beads (this mix was called "Cranberry Fizz" at Beadman.)


Debby Burk Optical said...

This is adorable! I know quite a few people who would appreciate this blog article. Can I post a link on my blog? :)Debby http://www.DebSpecs.com

Unknown said...

Debby- Sure!