Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bag Holder

I made these bag holders for all the aunts and uncles, from fabric I've been collecting for the last 15 years. (I had no idea how much I had, until I started to organize it the other day!) Of course, I didn't take any pictures of the nice ones we gave as gifts, so here is my "first attempt" that hangs in our laundry room and holds many, many bags.

Cut one piece of fabric to desired length, and either 2 ribbons or two pieces of elastic. Ribbons should be longer than width of fabric, elastic should be shorter.

If you're going to use elastic, hem both shorts sides, then zig-zag elastic, while holding it taut. Sew a tie (to hang it up) at one end, and sew into tube. Turn, and you're finished!

If you'll be using ribbon to cinch this together, hem long sides, then sew casings on both short ends, and thread anti-fray-treated ribbons through. (I like to burn my ends, others use clear nail polish or other commercial products.) Sew long seam together, and turn.

You know, it's almost embarrassing to write out how simple these gifts were to make. I'm the one at baby showers with the homemade blanket that when the ladies ask "Oh my! How long did this take you to make?" I reply "an hour" and then feel like I've hurt their feelings. I craft like I cook- wonderful, delicious things that are thrifty, neat, and not too time-consuming. Does that make it a lesser gift? Perhaps, but for right now I'm hoping I can still use the "young child at home-busy church calling-more home time than shopping time-want to be thrifty" card. And trust that people will know how much we love them, even if we can't spend oodles of time and money on each gift. Because when you give out gifts and treats to 74 people, and want to take a mostly-homemade gifts pledge, time gets tight! :o) (Only six of those were store bought.)

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Teah said...

Show off. ;-) 74? I think we hit....maybe 36?