Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Stuff

We've come out of the woods of the week-long grumpies, and have some super fun stuff going on right now.

  • No school this week for local kids means no piano lessons- we're living it up!  
  • Today was Ernie's 100th day of school.  Quickie test lesson today, but way exciting to be so far along- 60 more lessons to go, and we'll rip into the huge 2nd grade curriculum box that's sitting in my school room!  
  • I accepted a request to accompany a rather large musical shin dig at Easter time (local folks, please hit me up for details, it's going to be amazing!)  It's an Easter presentation at my sister's church, with full choir and symphony.  I'm the pianist!  The binder of music is huge, but this is a good sort of challenge.  I'm pretty excited!  Wonder Daddy will be in the choir, so that the Friday night rehearsals can be "together time"....kind of.  Well, it's our normal date night, and we'll be in the same building....he's a total gem for letting me divert this much time into a project I'm so excited about.
  • The Berninger (one of my daughter's and my good friends) is celebrating her mumblty-ninth birthday tomorrow, and took us all to Northwest Trek to celebrate today.  (A concatenation of member pass privileges and a weekly special for "kids are free" got us all in the door without a cent exchanging hands.  That rocks.)  My goodness, it's far away from us, but so much fun!  The land was donated to the city in the 70's and made into a wildlife preserve- we saw beavers, raccoons, fishers, mink, and otters, bald eagle, golden eagle, bison, caribou, mountain goats, long horn sheep, moose, skunk, trumpeter swan, black bear, brown bear, grizzly bear, owl, lynx, cougar, coyote, wolf...such an amazing place to see local wildlife!  All but the "deer family" were in enclosed habitats- we took a tram ride to see the four legged grass eaters in their 435-acre habitat.  All three kids had an amazing day, and this surprise outing was just what everyone needed to break our funk and reward the kids for being the amazing people they are.  E and M got up this morning and played quietly, M watched cartoons while E started independently on her math...they really are such, SUCH good kids.  We stopped at Sonic on the way home- the kids have a new favorite place to eat!  Now, if only there was one closer than 90 minutes away haha.  The kids were rock stars in the car, we were driving for over three hours today!
And, I don't have a single picture for today!  The Berninger is an amazing photographer, I can't wait to see what she snapped today :)  


Ticia said...

Those mumble mumble 9 birthdays are very important to celebrate because you never know how many of those there will be.

Su said...

Lots of stuff happening! I'm excited for you abt the Easter presentation. So nice to have your own thing, know what I mean?

Alexandra said...

Ohhh, fun! We love nature an animal parks - so lucky to have this close-by.

New boxes of curriculum are so much fun! I like that "new" smell and the excitment of the new prospects.

My daughter is using computer curriculum(Reaader Rabbit) for much of her learning. I have had trouble getting her to do seat work, and for some reason I just don't feel in my momma gut that forcing her is a good idea, so we wait. I forced my son, but I think he needed it. I'm trying to get in a lot of unschooly stuff and lots of reading aloud. It's a new learning experience for me!