Monday, September 14, 2009

Spiffing Up Worn-Out Glitter Shoes

I remember my little sister (who will start college at the end of this month!) wearing glitter shoes to church. And I remember the glitter left on the pews and in the hallways from her, and other little girls. My daughter has now joined the ranks of glitter-trailing girls. Wonder Daddy tried to save these shoes by setting the rule that they had to stay on the floor if she wanted to sit cross-legged at church, to try and prevent all the glitter from being scraped off...but it was all in vain.

The toes were bare and devoid of glitter.

Ernie was sad: Dilapidated and glitter-less shoes are NOT fit to be worn to church!

Luckily, Momma has overcome her fear of Mod-Podge, and the shoes are now rehabilitated and ready to be worn (and worn out) all over again!

It's a really easy fix- using a foam brush, I wiped a thin layer of Mod-Podge in a symmetrical shape on the front of each shoe and (holding the shoes over a piece of newspaper) shook glitter on. Tap the excess glitter off, decant it back into the jar, and let dry. Top with another coat or two of Mod-Podge (let it dry well in between coats.) You're back in business!

I wasn't able to find any pink glitter (and besides- the chances are slim of finding a PERFECT match for these shoes) so I went with a cheery gold glitter. I think they look kind of like wing-tips. Sparkly, Wicked-esque, wing-tips.

(Speaking of Wicked- saw it the other afternoon with Wonder Daddy. Great show! I'm still humming the songs.)
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Anna said...

You're up early! Love this idea. They actually look better then before me thinks. Kara has a couple pairs of said glitter shoes. Totally jelous you saw Wicked. Baby fell asleep, so I'm going back to bed now.

Su said...

So cool, you must have been quite the hero when you showed her what you did!
I would love to try Mod-Podge, but I haven't really been able to find it. Or maybe I just have not been looking hard enough.

Casey said...

Great idea. I've always tried to avoid the glitter shoes (doesn't always work) and then just thrown out the shoes when they get bad. Re-glittering them would have been much better. :)

Unknown said...

Glad you overcame your fear of the Podge - those look great!

Ticia said...

way super cute.

Gina said...

I love this idea! We've got some very sad glitter shoes around here that I will totally be using this trick on! Thanks for sharing this!

Sam said...

LOVE those wingtips. You are so clever!