Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween has come and gone, and the kids are wearing bits of their costumes and bartering undesirable candies for something better.  Of COURSE I have turned this into a math lesson.

We had a great Halloween with trick or treating at the office, a warm dinner of meatballs and rice, and all five of us costumed up and went out for the evening.  It's really common in our neighborhood for families to go out together and leave a bowl and a note on the porch for the neighborhood kids.  People who don't to spend all night answering the door leave out bowls too.  We have never had a problem with candy hogs, so knock on wood.

Cocoa got tired pretty quick, so he and Daddy went home.  Mimi finished next, and Ernie was having such a nice night walking around in the dark with me that she wanted to go do one more street and see our friend's house.  She kept telling me how much she loves Halloween, taking a long walk and meeting all our neighbors.  She was a gem last night, smiling and saying thank you and not being bashful at all.  Most other kids her age are moving towards the scary costumes or tough costumes- she charmed all the grandmas with her fluffy skirt, wings, and homemade flower crown and her very obvious, innocent, joy without greed.  Love this girl of mine!

The girls and I were fairies (Summer, Winter, and Queen) and Cocoa was Paul Bunyan with Daddy as Babe, the big blue ox, his favorite friend.   This picture was taken at our ward party- by the time Halloween came around, Cocoa refused the hat, refused the axe, and just ran around the neighborhood in jeans and a flannel, brandishing a big squirt gun he stole from his aunt's house.  Punk.  He's stopped sleeping with the axe too (he called it a golf, and played golf with it anyway), and now sleeps with the squirt gun.