Monday, April 8, 2013


At dinner tonight I found out that the girls have given each of the light bulbs in our new fixture a My Little Pony name- correspondingly, the chair you choose is tied to a certain light and grants you that title. I heard them chattering about it, and when they dropped to a whisper I perked up. Apparently I was in chair of the dark, burnt out bulb. The evil Changeling Queen chair. Muahahaha.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Bit of Sunshine

We enjoyed some amazing weather last week- in parting with Seattle's "40's/50's/60's and drizzling October-June" rule, Easter week saw temperatures in the 70's. MAN. I could get used to that.

Don't worry, it's gray and drizzly again today. With the season's yellow daffodils against the gray skies, we're looking quite stylish around here!

We hit our neighborhood beach Saturday afternoon with our cousins. We live blocks from a gorgeous lake, and I seem to forget that a lot of the time! We saw bald eagles, herons, and cormorants. Think there are a lot of fish to be had for munching??

The girls and I watercolor painted after school today- the assignment was to paint a tropical island, with an ocean/sky horizon. I think it's hilarious that Ernie managed to work a rainbow into her painting. Ever since I taught her the rainbow order of colors, everything in her life has revolved around that order. She loves order. Have we learned this yet?