Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Wrap Tutorial

You can't see me, but I giggled as I titled this post a "tutorial." Kind of like the giggle when I found out how easy it was to make these, rather than pay $50-$80 for one with a tag and a brand.

You can find tying directions online- it's really easy once you do it once or twice. Baby Mimi loves hers- I wore her for hours yesterday. These are really easy on the back, too, and there are lots of ways to carry your child with the one wrapping style.

I ordered 5 yards of 100% cotton jersey from Dharma Trading Company, online. They're a great resource for all kinds of "dyables," from fabric to clothing. The yardage depends on how big your frame is. I would get 6 yards next time, and cut it shorter if it's too long. These make great gifts, or you could order it with a girlfriend or two.

You Will Need:
5-6 yards cotton jersey

Cut your jersey into 20" wide strips. Mine was 60" wide, so the 5 yards made 3 wraps.

That's it! Jersey doesn't really need to be hemmed. You could use other types of fabric, too- I've heard that cotton gauze is nice, especially if your baby is stretching out the jersey too much. Of course, a different type of fabric would need to be finished on the edges. A serger would make quick work of this!

If you want, mark the center spot so it's easy to find when you want to wrap up. You could embroider, sew on a little tag, or even just mark it with a sharpie. I always put ours away folded in half a few times, so I know where the middle is.

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LunaMoonbeam said...

Hehehe...nice tutorial. I took BBJ to the library this morning, timing it so that we would be heading back around noon, so she could take her nap.

Umm..."To Save Energy, The Library Will Be Closed Every Friday, Starting 9.19"

DOH. We went to the park, but she didn't fall I chucked her in her crib. She's in there screaming. Either way, it's burning off energy, right? I just have nowhere else to take her this afternoon so she can get her nap! I'm still working out the kinks of this new schedule.