Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick-Or-Treating at the Mall

How about some gratuitous photos of my kids, with late Autumn sunlight glinting off their hair?


(And have I mentioned that I never even considered that I could have blue-eyed, blonde-haired children?  Yeah.)

Turns out that the Saturday before Halloween, all the shops at the mall hand out candy.  It was a total zoo, and the kids loved it!

My two Belles.  Mimi intended to be Rapunzel, but she has misplaced her entire costume.  Whoops!

Halloween 002

Here's my gorgeous girl.
Halloween 008

CoCo was our Space Alien Bug Robot.  I think.  (His dad picked it out last year, before the baby was even born!  The body suit part of it is round as a beetle, and would never fit inside a baby carrier.  It's awfully sweet, though :)
Halloween 013

Ernie needed a little emotional support to get through the crowds.
Emotional support from Dad :)

(Mimi had a tight grip on my non-camera hand, too!)

Halloween 020

Halloween 028

Halloween 030


Su said...

All very cute! Esp Space Alien Bug Robot person :)

Teresa said...

Sweet- always fun to see children dressed up....