Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art We've Been Doing

Ernie updated our art line- the streamers were my contribution, Ernie's work is on the left, Mimi's is on the right. So nice and orderly, right?

Homeschool Art Day

I'm totally in love with these flowers that Ernie started drawing.  Yum.
Homeschool Art Day

This, she says, is Peter Rabbit.  He's eating radishes.  And I'm not going to insert ANY other comments here, I'm just glad she's here to translate for me!

Homeschool Art Day

We have the requisite-for-any-Pinner melted crayon drawings- these were done a few weeks ago.  Honestly, these weren't a big hit.  The girls didn't have the patience to hold the blow dryer for that long, so I ended up doing that part for them.  My kitchen floor still has bits of crayon wax, because it blew EVERYWHERE.  And the end kind of Rainbow Bright in the Horror Fun House.  But hey, LOTS of other people love doing this project!  (We used cardboard, double sided tape, and a lot of old crayons.)

Homeschool Art Day


Ticia said...

Yeah, see I think it looks kinda cool, but I'd rather color with the crayons than melt them like that. Maybe after I'd colored......

Teresa said...

Love your art wall.....perfect. Don't you just love this stage in their life...when all their art is a master's sad as we get older we lose that since of "art"

Bobbi Lewin said...

Love the art line:) I've been trying to get my daughter to do the crayon melt with her daughter. I may have to do it virtually, over webcam, with her! That could be fun.... I may have just had an idea!

Alexandra said...

I love the abstract painting on the right - beautiful colors. The flowers are adorable. Olivia does snails, clouds, and rainbows. There are a few drawings that I'm unsure of - cats or people and other things?! Sometimes she tells me. They are cute even if I can't make them out.

Ahh, the pinner crayon melt(giggle). Do you share you Pinterest link? I'd love to see yours.