Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rhythm in My Nursery Rhyme

Wonder Boy is still such a sprout, I can hand him an entire basket full of noisy rhythm instruments-- castanets, maracas, rhythm sticks, drums, finger cymbals, egg shakers-- and he doesn't make enough noise to make a dent in our house.  Hee.

Homeschool Art Day

Homeschool Art Day

I love this basket- I found it at my favorite thrift shop last week.  (The two burger day.  Yes, THAT day.)  All these instruments were in a tidy little picnic basket.  Looked great, but a terrible pain for him to get into!  He's just getting to that stage where a bucket of toys in every room will safely keep him occupied for long enough for ME to get a few things done.

Homeschool Art Day

These pajamas make me laugh (and get used to the fuzzy sleeper look: he'll probably be rocking it till next March.)  You can't see them, but it's dotted with little, glow-in-the-dark, stars.  Makes finding the little bugger much easier at 2 AM, when he's been squirming around in the crib!  Can you believe that fuzzy sleeper is size 18 months?  Third kid, and I'm STILL shocked at how fast they grow- all three have been double-their-age in clothing sizes, at least for the first bit.  He's not even 8 months yet!  Hello loooong torso and short little arms.  Anyone else saying the dino line right now?  ("I have a big head...and little arms....I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through....master?")  


Ticia said...

Wow, my kids didn't get into 18 months until they were quite solidly 18 months and maybe a little older.

Princess is still insisting on wearing a 3 year old long sleeved-T.....

Kelly said...

I had that movie line in my head CONSTANTLY when SJ was little. haha

Alexandra said...

Wow!He really is a big boy now. I looove that rug! I've got a smaller similar one from Home Depot, but yours is much nicer.