Monday, October 17, 2011

Too Early

I'm sitting at this computer with a babbling Wonder Boy in my lap.  It's way earlier than I would like to be up, all things considered.  I do enjoy going to bed early and getting up early enough in the morning to feel like I have a head start, just....not when I've been up and down with a baby all night!  I really thought the head cold that moved through our house two weeks ago was over, but we all seem to have caught a new one and all three kids have this fantastic cough.

I heart these humidifiers.  These are the ones in the kids' rooms right now, but I see some amazing new ones at that link (Target.)  Owl?  Elephant?  I die.

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Dragon HumidifierCrane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Frog Humidifier

If you DON'T have a humidifier in your kids' rooms yet, I suggest you go get one.  Now.  They're on sale, too! These totally help with the stuffed up noses and the coughing at night.  Plus, these ones are "cool mist" so they never get hot, and they shut off when the tank runs dry.

We spent our Saturday doing a crazy amount of chores and errands.  I'm kind of afraid to get the credit card total next month, but new tires had to be purchased, and I've been stocking up on Christmas presents, and I bought some necessities at Costco (pot stickers and Nutella are necessities, right?)  Then Wonder Daddy needed to replace his suit, and this week he needs new tabs and an emissions test.  Feeling awfully blessed we have the means to do these kinds of things right now.  As I re-read an article last night on paying tithing (10% of our income goes to the Church) the author made the point that we learn to live better on that 90% that remains than we would have on the full 100%.  I think that's completely true.  If you learn skills to make the dollars stretch farther, by focusing on needs rather than wants, making things yourself, and going for quality rather than quantity, we really DO live better than if we'd kept that extra cash each month.

(That reminds me- watch for a Deal of the Day post soon, there are some good things up right now!)

My little choir started up on Sunday- did I mention I'm the new choir director at church?  I was so nervous Saturday night that I spent hours laying in bed.  But, we were all dressed and out the door bright and early, and at 8:15 I started conducting my choir: my husband, my children, and the accompanist's husband.  We were joined by one more family, which added a soprano and a bass to our two tenors (plus some assorted kids) and we made good progress learning the parts for our song.  Of course, I wasn't too worried because we have next week AND the week after that to learn our song to sing on the 30th...which is the annual Primary Program, so I guess we're not singing, are we?  I'm accompanying a girl next week, so I guess we're not singing next week, either.  Which pushes us to November?  Gracious, and November is really short because of other things being pushed around...I sure hope my boss lady (the ward music chair) gets us the Christmas music soon!

Sunday night was our weekly Family Meal.  I made an enormous pot of pureed veggie soup, and my sister brought some fresh bread.  Dad brought an enormous pan of brownies (seriously, he has this huge Pyrex pan...I think it's 13x20 inches?)  We ended the evening with a tired nephew being carried ignominiously to the car, someone serving Ernie a brownie roughly 36 cubic inches (4x3x3, is my math right?), a bath for our potty-training Mimi, and a Christmas concert from Ernie's new piano book.  Oh, and a clean kitchen.  Because my mother and sister are awesome: if we cook, they clean!  Let me tell you, I will cook for anybody, any time, who will clean my kitchen!

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Su said...

Hey Myrnie, sound like a busy weekend. It's nice to read your "ramblings", it makes your blog so welcoming.