Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm rather proud of myself: I registered for a home school event at the zoo, got everyone in the car by myself, FOUND the zoo, and had a great time there!  For a complete homebody like me, this is pretty big stuff.

Can I add that I went to bed at 10:00 the night before?  Then, Wonder Boy got up at 11:00.  Mimi got up at 11:45.  Wonder Boy got up at 1:00.  Mimi was up at 2:00.  Wonder Boy got up at 4:00, and then again at 5:30.  Mimi was up at 6:30, and Wonder Boy got up at 7:00 and the night was over.  Boom Bam, we don't waste any time, do we?

It was a gray, drizzly day, but we suited up in our rain slickers and boots and enjoyed an almost empty park.  This gives me hope- with Wonder Boy perfectly content in the baby carrier, and both girls old enough to walk and be excited about what they're seeing, I'm looking forward to lots more field trips!  We have a few other zoos close by, plus museums and an aquarium.  (Quick shout out to Aunt LoLo, who is letting us use her AMAZING ergo carrier- *mwah*)

I've been thinking a lot about religion lately- with Mitt Romney as a prominent candidate for the presidency, and the very unfortunate broadway musical "The Book of Mormon" we've been in the public eye quite a bit.  (I'm a member of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints.)  The Church has been doing some PR campaigns, just to help people get to know more about us- have you seen the "I'm a Mormon" stuff?  The campaign is rolling out in the Seattle area soon- we're all making our online profiles.  It's actually kind of nifty- you can go and put in your search parameters, and up pops a screen full of faces, each a member of the church and each ready to share their story.  I don't know, but I know *I* am having fun searching for, and reading, stories!  (Go to mormon.org to see what I'm talking about...and see answers for ANY questions you ever had about the church.  Ha- you can even open up a chat box and ask anything!  Of course, you could just send me an e-mail too, if you had a question.)

Most of my life, we've laughed about the crazy things people believe about us- we worship Joseph Smith, we eat dogs, Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, we're not Christian, we have horns, and you'll go to jail if you step on an ant in Temple Square.  That last one was solemnly repeated to me by a classmate who knew someone who visited Temple Square, in Salt Lake City.  Scared me silly, too....I believed him!  I was relieved to find out when I visited later that none of the roving pairs of missionaries there were watching to see whether or not I stepped on bugs.  (They're there to guide tours and answer any questions...in ANY language.  Hence, the sheer quantity of missionaries serving there.)

I guess my whole point is how ridiculous it is to have a major world religion that so many people know so little about, and what they DO know they didn't hear from a practicing member.

I know that nobody is perfect, and goodness knows that stands true for folks in any religion.  People do and say dumb things all the time.  Some of us have made a lifestyle of putting our foot in our mouth.  (*hand raised*) But, just know...if you have questions, even if they're dumb questions, please ask!  You can e-mail me from my blogger profile, or madebymyrnie(at)gmail(dot)com.


Aunt LoLo said...

Ooooh. I have a question! Who told you that you couldn't step on an ant in temple square??! haha

Ticia said...

Isn't it an amazing feeling to go out on your own for a major excursion for the first time?

Elizabeth said...

Oh, friend - your nights make me tired to just hear how they go...One night of unbroken sleep for you soon, is my prayer. As for stepping on ants, that's a good one! Silly, silly.:)

Su said...

Yay for the zoo trip! Really good for you.
And eating dogs, stepping on ants.... lol.

Alexandra said...

Ha,ha, we get the same thing(Roman Catholic) - we worship statues; we are not real Christians; we worship Mary; we chant prayers(magical thinking);we talk to dead people; we don't read the Bible, etc. Sigh.

...Ignorance or prideful arrogance, but probably a bit of both. Any well organized powerful(in numbers) conservative group is fair game these days. Their opponents spread the fear and lies.

So far I like Mitt Romney. I hope he wins!