Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12, 2011

10:00 Go to bed
11:00 Finish studying scriptures, saying prayers, sending one last e-mail, scrubbing down the table one more time as I walk by, etc.
3:30 MY FIRE ALARM IS GOING OFF.  I cross the room in two steps and slap at the button till it stops, and turn on all the lights.  Look smoke.  Nothing in the kids' rooms.  Nothing.  Turn off the lights and get back in bed.
3:36 AUGH IT'S DOING IT AGAIN!  Slam the button, and go get my husband and tell him to do something.  He's sleeping on the couch, and wakes up to find his wife wild-eyed saying "the-smoke-alarm-is-going-off-come-take-the-batteries-out!!!"  It goes off again as he's wrestling it off the wall.  More button slapping, and he sprints downstairs to do something (anything) to it.  I hear it go off again as he's going down the stairs.  I get back in bed and turn out the lights.

4:45 I'm still trying to fall back asleep.  I think about how the smoke alarm didn't wake anybody but me up.  That's bad.  I think about how my babies are all sleeping through the night for the first time since the beginning of August.  That's good.  I think about how I'm NOT sleeping.  That's terrible.

6:00 I eventually fell back asleep, but now Wonder Boy is up and ready to eat.

6:30 Wonder Boy is back in his crib, I can see the girls' lights on and Mimi comes out to use the bathroom.  (Potty training is doing great!)

6:35 No, Wonder Boy isn't actually going to sleep any more.  Alright, the night is over!

The girls troop out around 7, and I chat with Wonder Daddy.  He says he found a spider on his shirt, when he was in the basement with the smoke alarm...and we conclude that insane arachnid crawled inside the smoke detector, got between the synapse sensors, and set it off.  Repeatedly.  BOY, I'll bet this was the worst night of his life!  I get breakfast for the girls, play with Wonder Boy, shower (for the first time in two days), and get ready for a piano lesson.

8:30 Piano lesson!  She's my most advanced student, and is just FUN- music is fun when you're playing advanced stuff :)  This is something she brought in recently.  We're still working out the kinks :)

9:00 Lesson is over, Ernie and I start school.  She aces her spelling test, learns about animal habitats, identifies plane vs. solid shapes, and how to give a constructed response (This shape belongs in group A, because it is a plane shape.)  She then hemmed and hawed over constructing and writing two sentences for nearly an hour.

10:45 School is done!  Put all the school stuff away, the girls unloaded the dishwasher, and I made lunch for them.  After lunch we finished cleaning up their room.  We got the sheets changed last night, plus putting away all the random book piles, taking out all the toys that belong downstairs, cleaning out underneath Ernie's bed, putting away clothes, hanging up hats, etc.  Ernie cleaned out under her dresser today, and I vacuumed everything from the reading chair to the corner behind the door.  Spic and span, tucked the girls in for their naps at 12:15.  Wonder Boy took a 20 minute nap after they went to sleep, so I got the kitchen cleaned up and folded a load of laundry before starting another.  After Wonder Boy got up, he and I went downstairs to play.

2:00 The girls got up from their nap- I sent them to make their beds, get shoes and socks on, and we'd go visit their cousins.

2:30 We finally leave.  We played with their cousins while Aunt LoLo taught piano.

5:30 Home!  That 20 minute nap was the longest Wonder Boy had all day.  He is one grumpy dude.  I warm up soup from last night and find 4 lonely biscuits to bake from the freezer.  While that's cooking, the girls are in charge of keeping Wonder Boy happy and I vacuum the rest of the bedrooms, the front room, and the school room.  (Sometimes I give them chores to do, sometimes they're in charge of keeping him happy while I work fast.  It's a pretty good system!)  We eat dinner, and I take 20 minutes to chat with a friend about her upcoming wedding reception.  I offered to help plan the food, and she's given me Total Control.  I kind of like it- I have a budget, and can plan anything I want.  She'll give me a list of names of her friends who have offered to help.  Right now we're thinking finger foods and a sandwich bar, plus punch.  If I can figure out a way to heat up enough water, we'll have a hot cocoa bar with lots of "stir ins" set out.  The reception is in a month.

7:30 The girls are ready for bed, and we read scriptures and then a few pages of Harry Potter.  We're only a chapter in so far, and I wonder if this is the right story for them?  Probably not, I think we'll switch to Little House on the Prairie, as soon as I remember to borrow it from my mom's "Grandma Library."

8:00 Tucking girls in, singing silly songs at the top of my lungs, and then turn around to discover they've graffitied and tagged their entire window sill, plus part of the track and pane.  Talk about a downer.  I don't even know when they did it!  While they were supposed to be getting their socks on this afternoon??  Ernie says it wasn't her that did it, Satan told her to.  NO.  Just NO, NO, NO.  You made that choice, and no one can make a choice for you.  No blame game in this house.  The girls will meet Mr. Magic Erase tomorrow.  After I take a picture.

Now it's night time, Wonder Boy is asleep, another load of laundry is running, the kitchen is clean, and day's over!  


Elizabeth said...

Love reading these diaries of your days. My favorite among your posts. Wishing you a wonderful night of sleep tonight (what the heck? A stupid spider did all that? Aaaargh!)

Valerie Payette said...

What a WONDERFUL day. ;)

Alexandra said...

"Ernie says it wasn't her that did it, Satan told her to."

LOL, thanks for the giggle. Mr Eraser and I have a thing going on...glad he is in my life. ;) Although I'm at the point where I just need to paint with super tough high traffic paint!