Friday, October 21, 2011

Teaching a Class

I survived today.

I didn't tell you what I was DOING today, because then you might have come, and I spent most of the week having little panic attacks that tonight was going to epically fail.

First, Aunt LoLo made this quilt for my friend's new baby.

baby quilt

Then, when I asked her what she wanted in return, she said a Nest Necklace.

So I googled it, and made this for her with stuff I found at home.

bird nest pendant

This pendant really, really frightens me.  (And, she won't let me replace it with something a little less....frightening.)

After posting that picture on my facebook wall, I got a lot of great feedback.  Which led to this, and the revival of the shop.


Tonight was my final payment on the baby quilt: I taught at her annual Freaky Friday craft night, at church.  40 ladies, 8 tables, 6 glue guns, and lots of spray paint, mod podge, wood, felt, soup, cupcakes,  Sure, I was only one of 10 projects available, but I had expected to have time to sit and maybe do some of my own projects.  Up until a week ago, there were only 4 ladies signed up for my class.  Then, it jumped to 10 gals, making 18 necklaces! Those ladies kept me hopping for three hours, and I had to leave my supplies behind for them to finish when it was time for me to leave!

This morning, picking up supplies at Micheal's, I saw a big poster on the door: they're looking for craft teachers!  I'm kind of tempted to apply- the pay is good, it would be nice to get out of the house some more, and the baby is old enough to eat food now, he can be with his dad for a few hours.  (I'm not talking about getting a job- I would go, once, and teach a project.)  But after trying to teach those women tonight, I don't know if I'm the right gal for the job.  Maybe it's because I was trying to teach them all individually, but more ladies would come half way through my explanations, so I never had time to cut a piece of wire for myself and SHOW them what to do.  My explanations didn't do much for anybody- the very beginning of a pendant, you need to string your beads onto the wire and leave a 2 inch tail.  You fold the beads in a loop so the beads are in a tight circle, then you just twist it the tail and the wire together a few times so the loop stays shut.  Not one lady tonight understood what I was trying to say, which really dents my confidence as a teacher!

In the end, everyone made wonderful necklaces, and found out (quickly) whether wire wrapped jewelry is something they want to pursue...or not.  (One woman left the table with her project saying, "I know I need to stick to BUYING my jewelry!)  Oh, and that reminds me- I never wrote up the tutorial I promised Ticia!  Look for that later.

(Is anyone else an introvert?  Please, go read this.  I hope to not need to speak to anyone until Sunday!)

(Aunt LoLo?  Thanks for asking me to teach tonight- you have a great group of ladies, and you did an AMAZING job planning and pulling off this huge event!  I hope you sleep until noon tomorrow, you deserve it!)

(Oh, and Aunt LoLo?  I'm still sad that I didn't walk out the door with a dozen of your cupcakes under my arm.  They were THAT good.  And, between you and me, I normally....don't like cupcakes that much.)




Aunt LoLo said...

*mwah* I slept from midnight, until 6:30 am. Now it's 9:15 pm and I'm in the hall, listening to my daughter...not go to sleep. I baked muffins this morning for breakfast. At 10 am. We had lunch at 1, and hit the road for our errands at 2.

I. Am. Beat. Tomorrow? I'm subbing in Nursery. Because if I hear one more person yell, "LoLo???" from across the room, I. Will. Scream.

I'm an extrovert, with limits. ;-) And your class was a hit!!

Alexandra said...

I like the nests filled with eggs, but the ones with less are nice as well. I think it's just a personal preference. Those are super, and I'm pinning you quilt to Pinterest for future reference.