Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shopping Sites You Need to Know About

Even if you never click on these links (and you SHOULD) I need a list like this in my life.  These are all places that I've ordered from, or intend to order from, with prices that make me giggle.  In a good way.

PaperMart.  My mom ordered ribbon from this site for my wedding, and I'm still working through the leftover spools.  $3.72 for 100 yards of 7/8" satin ribbon?  Yes please.  Plus spools of tulle for tutus, packaging supplies, janitorial supplies, food boxing and wrapping, tins, jars, jewelry boxes, fabric trim, papers, and really...just go look around. If it's paper, plastic, or cloth and is meant to package something up?  They have it, and cheap.   (Somebody come save me, I can't stop browsing.  They have those neat reusable nylon shopping bags that fold into their own little containment pouches, 12 for $27.  Surely someone wants to split a pack of those with me??)

eShakti.  I haven't ordered from them, but I intend to.  Custom-tailored clothes for incredible prices.  Dresses are around $70, which includes tailoring for bust and height.  Add $7.50, and you can change necklines, add sleeves, change the hem length to above or below the knee, or anything else applicable to that garment.  They carry cardigans, dresses, jackets, skirts, scarves, pants, but only for women.  (Ooh, just noticed in google right now that a lot of folks have been doing reviews, and have $20 off coupon codes on their review posts.  Sweet!  Pair that with the overstock section, you could find a dress for about $15!  Probably couldn't be customized, though.)  Also, register today and you can save $20 off your first order.  Do it!

Halo Heaven.  Picture everything you need to make a little girl into a fairy.  Wings, tutus, huge flowers, wands, plus silly plastic shoes, necklaces, capes, picture it all wholesale prices.  There are dollar-store type swords and pirate gear, little cloth shoes for much stuff.  I recently perused the overstock/discontinued section and ordered wings, tutus, flowers, and wands for four little girls.  My total was $20.  GO.

(No, none of these folks know me at all, and they have no idea that I'm giving them props.  I just really like passing on info.)


Su said...

wow! fantastic sites, eps the last one! I have to investigate their shipping charges for items to Canada.....

Alexandra said...

Thanks! I'm going to check these out, especially the tailored clothing!