Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kitchen Chores

We lost power during my first piano lesson yesterday, around 8:15.  Brr.  After lessons, we packed up and headed to my sisters- it was just 39 degrees outside, I knew our house wasn't getting any warmer!  Power came back pretty quick, I guess it was a "mechanical failure" (according to the recording.)  BUT, it threw our entire day off!  It's like time is in this weird little worm hole reality- if one activity is spontaneously canceled, the work I get done during that "bonus" time is exponentially larger than it would have been on a normal day.  BUT, if an unexpected activity comes up, the work I'm behind on when I get back is exponentially larger than it would have been during a scheduled outing!


(Yesterday we visited my sister, took naps, and taught two piano lessons.  My husband cooked frozen pizza for dinner, I was too tired.  Say what?)

Today I

  • Taught a piano lesson
  • Taught E's school lesson
  • Made a double batch of bread for the freezer
  • Made a half gallon of vanilla yogurt
  • Fixed lunch for the girls
  • Organized all my pickles into smaller jars (beets and green tomato.  Oh YUM.)
  • Had a great visit from a friend and her kids
  • Made a necklace for her, and her soon-to-be third child
  • Made cookies
  • Made dinner (sauteed broccoli and mushrooms, toast, scrambled eggs)
  • Boiled all the rest of the eggs for snacks
  • One load of laundry
Hmm...Here's what I have left for the week:
  • Harvest tomatillos
  • Make and can tomatillo salsa
  • Make and can plum jam
  • Order bark and wood chips for the yard
  • Clear out the old straw from the garden
  • Spread fresh straw in garden and on beds
  • Dehydrate apple slices
Good thing there's two days left in this week!  How about you?  Are your Fall kitchen chores done?  (I'm finally through all the tomatoes I had stacked up in my kitchen, but seem to have another 20 or 30 apples from my neighbor to work through- we have enough butter and enough sauce, what would you do with them?

I'm participating in Art Every Day Month (AEDM) this month...time to get myself into gear on Christmas presents, and stocking the shop!  And, um, finishing my yearly kitchen chores.

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Ticia said...

You know it does seem to be true about those things, if you suddenly add in something it throws off the whole schedule.