Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Saturday

My baby is sleeping, my girls are off on a date with their dad, and I'm catching up on blogging.  Because I WANT to :)  I might just go get a cup of hot cocoa and call it dinner!

After being up at 11, 2, 3, 4, 5:30, and 6:00 with kids, they gave me a gift!  The girls normally watch cartoons quietly in the morning, as soon as the clock says 7:00.  Wonder Boy slept from 6:30 till 9:00...phew.  It felt nice to get a bit of uninterrupted sleep!  I got the baby out of his crib, started a big pot of oatmeal going, and did all the morning things that babies need.  Wonder Daddy slept till 9:30, and joined us for breakfast.  If anyone deserves that much sleep, it's him!

We had a little music time later on.

making music

making music

making music

making music

I made sandwiches for the girls for lunch, and a smoothie for me.  (Apple+banana+oatmeal+carrot.  I'm addicted to smoothies.)

Daddy rocked Wonder Boy to sleep while I read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle to the girls, and I quickly printed off what I needed, changed into a dress, and drove over to the temple for an hour or so to get some work done.

I got back and remembered that today was the carnival at my piano students' house- she and her family live down the street, and she was pretty excited about her little pet project.  They had a bouncy house, and she set up games and a pinata for everyone.  Admission was 25 cents, and everyone left with an armload of candy.  The girls looooved it!  A mom was painting faces, too.  (Perhaps this has nothing to do with it, but this family home schools their two oldest kids, and I love them.  Their daughter is SO amazing with little kids, is completely respectful of me, asks great questions when she doesn't understand something, organized this entire carnival by show stopper of a kid.)

showing off their face paintings from the neighborhood carnival

showing off their face paintings from the neighborhood carnival


While the kids and I were gone, Wonder Daddy ran out to do some errands.  He came back in time to grab the girls and head out for their little date.

The two littlest kids and I will be missing church again tomorrow.  Grr.  I keep thinking we're over all of our colds, and then someone is up coughing all night (Mimi) or is entirely coated in...boogers.  (Wonder Boy.)  I just can't send that kind of greatness to the Nursery class, you know?  So, we'll go and run the choir rehearsal, go to the Sacrament Meeting, and then I think Wonder Daddy and Ernie will stay for classes, and I'll take the littles home with me.  I'm sad!!  All those Fall germs floating around, we end up being sick one week, attending the next, catching ANOTHER cold, and being sick the next week!

He has a cold

iPhone 018

iPhone 015


Aunt LoLo said...

Looks like a great day!!!

Catherine Anne said...

I love your day.

Catherine Anne said...

I love your day.

Catherine Anne said...

I love your day.

Su said...

A good day. I hope your little ones get over their colds. And here's hoping you'll get a full night sleep soon.

Sam said...

Sorry about all the colds. I remember when Jarrah was smaller, all three of us would pass a cold around until someone got another one. My mom was actually MAD at me because we were sick so much. ;)

The pics are adorable. And I love Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! Can't wait for Jarrah to read it to me! :)

Ticia said...

That sounds like a great day to me, other than waking up that many times.....

Elizabeth said...

Loved ready about your day. Your children are adorable and you little boy looks like a happy little guy. Glad you got a little uninterrupted sleep. I wish you many more nights like that. Your husband obviously entertained the children with his guitar. You have a wonderful family!

Alexandra said...

Your little ones are so cute, I can barely stand it! We've had mild cold after cold too, and now a mild G.I. thing(me). I've been so sleepy lately that it's ridiculous, but I guess I'm fighting off all the germs.