Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Saturday!

It was the kind of Saturday I love- we got so much done.

I opened my eyes this morning to find Ernie 2 inches from my face, staring and waiting for me to wake up. Do you know how BIG her eyes can be? And how WHITE her face is? Yeesh.

I rolled out of bed to start the Saturday pancakes- I'm not certain, but I think we've had pancakes most every Saturday for the last 5 years.

Daddy and Ernie spent the morning together running errands- Aunt LoLo, your birthday present is in the mail!

While Ernie and Mimi took their naps, Wonder Daddy got a few hours of studying in while I did some much-needed pruning in the yard. Bamboo, boxwood, blackberry, and italian prune suckers were no match for my Tub Trug, leather gloves, and beat up bypass pruners. I pulled up what the slugs had left behind in the garden, so that's all settled for the winter too.

Wonder Daddy took a few hours in the afternoon to bike up and down a mountain, and run a few miles afterward for fun. Because he felt antsy. (Crazy head.)

And THEN...oh my, Mimi was asleep so I went thrifting alone. I found a small embroidery hoop, a beautiful milk glass candy bowl, a lambswool sweater for some projects I have in my to-do list, and two plain t-shirts for myself. I have this idea that I can take a voluminous t-shirt and make it into something nice. Maybe a gather at the neckline and a few new seams to make a trapeze shirt? Maybe take in the sides, cut off the bottom and re-attach it as an empire waist? (I haven't quite figured out what to do about the sleeves though.) At any rate, even if I make nothing but cleaning rags out of the shirts I'm only out $2. (The floral "arrangement" is from this afternoon's pruning- it's the tops of the bamboo.)

I came home to find Mimi asleep again, dinner in the oven, and Ernie playing quietly downstairs while Daddy studied. Wonder Daddy, you're awesome :)

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Casey said...

Great finds! I bet you'll turn those t-shirts into something really cute. :)

Aunt LoLo said...

What a great Saturday!Ooh...I was looking up Milk Glass, to show Lo Gung what it is...and what I read said that it has lead in it! That's why they stopped making it. So, I mean...for candy dishes, etc. it's great. I just wouldn't put your warm mashed potatoes in it. :-)

Oh, and I was wrong about Importance of Being Earnest. It's not PG-13. It's a typo on the Blockbuster website.

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

Hooray for great Saturdays! I love it when you feel like you've accomplished SO much.

Mine was spent shopping for some food bank donations and then a 'quick' drive down to the temple for stake temple day. Left @ 11am and home @ 8pm. (I miss my 10 minute drive.) Got home just in time to do the laundry until midnight. But it's done!