Monday, November 17, 2008

And We're Live!

Camera is found, Etsy is stocked, and we're moving forward.


For those of you who see my blog in a reader, click through to my site to see the new "Mini Etsy" widget on the sidebar- you can see a preview of what's in the shop, and click through to see more.

And, even if you don't see anything you like in my shop...check out the rest of Etsy. It's a fantastic crafting community, with so many talented people! You can see my favorites listed in the etsy shop. LoLo Craft, Black Apple, Just many fantastic artists!

And in home news, Ernie has discovered something.

She's the same color as a potato.

Thank you.

1 comment:

Aunt LoLo said...


Our kids are perfect together - BBJ is the color of a fried potato chip and Ernie is the color of mashed potatoes!

OH! I had a friend over this morning, from South Carolina, and we were talking about Southern food. SHE'S HAD THE PEAR, MAYO, CHEDDAR salad! It was one of her FAVORITES when she was a kid. We've decided we have to have a Southern Night dinner party, with our two families. Hehehe

Hey, remember that southern cookbook from Aunt Carrie? Are there two of them? If there are, I would LOVE IT if Mom and Dad could bring one up on December. I need me some Southern Food.

Umm...right. Comment, not e-mail. Sorry. ;-) Signing off now. Love ya!

PS - Yea Etsy!