Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Oh folks...thanks for making it such a fantastic day and week. I've had cards, visits, phone calls, and 17 "Happy Birthday" posts on my Facebook wall.

You know, as a twin, a "single" birthday is an odd thing. Really odd. I think this is the second time it's ever happened.

Here are a few shots from tonight's festivities. At one point Ernie grabbed the camera and started snapping away...maybe you can tell which ones are hers?

Dad/Bobby got some quality time with Mimi tonight- she has so little time between "asleep" and "hungry" that it's been hard to get in the past.

Gorgeous Wonder Daddy!

This one was *really* heavy! (Good grief- it turned out to be a Wonder Mill! No more grinding 2 cups of flour at a time in the Vita Mix blender!)

I seem to be opening a gift in this one...which is ridiculous, since Ernie insisted on opening everything by herself...she actually kind of growled at me if I got too close to the process. Considering all the excitement inherent in having grandparents over, and presents, and everything else... I'd say it's pretty good behavior under the circumstances!

My parents went a little nuts on I am now the proud and happy owner of pinking shears, a huge cutting mat and rotary cutter, and a full complement of embroidery hoops.

Isn't this cake adorable? It was super tasty too- my little sister works at a hoity-toity grocery store in a hoity-toity neighborhood...but man, they make good cakes! Lemon cake with berry filling...yummy...and so cute too!

My mother-in-law sent a beautiful tile with Joshua 24:15 "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

My parents also found my top-three, must-have crafting books: Sublime Stitching, Sew What! Fleece, and Sew What! Skirts. Oh, my Christmas crafting just got SO much easier!

Oh, and Ernie and my husband found me a great metronome (my current model is rather old...old enough that my brothers (who are both now grown) kind of damaged it during a particularly rambunctious afternoon. But as long as you don't touch it too much, it keeps a steady-ish beat...which hasn't been too great for my piano students. This new one is good and LOUD, and even has the option of accenting the downbeat of each measure. Spiffy!

Oh, and one of the BEST presents: our old house sold! Title transferred this afternoon. I don't think I'll believe it until December 2 comes around, and we haven't paid that mortgage.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have plans for tomorrow that involve good food, good friends, and lots of family.


Casey said...

Oh happy day! Congrats on the house selling!

Aunt LoLo said...

Very, very nice. :-) NOW you can read my post. ;-)

It's Thanksgiving morning. I boiled my sweet potatoes and layered them in a dish with pineapple last night. My crusts are all made and pre-baked (a little or a lot, depending on the recipe.) I need to start the rolls, bake the sweet potatoes (just before we go), slice up pickles for the relish tray, cook up a "pumpkin side dish" on the stove while the sweet potatoes are baking, and make three pies - a chocolate (Homesick Texan recipe), a pumpkin (Martha Stewart recipe, same as last year) and a "Twofer" pie (the Tuesdays with Dorie challenge last's in my new book! A pumpkin pie with pecans on top...a twofer!)