Sunday, November 16, 2008

Etsy Postponed

As you've probably noticed, I've misplaced my camera. Which means that there's no etsy action for me until I find it! But if you want to bookmark the shop, it's It just happens to be empty right now. But go ahead- favorite me! It will be great. I'll be the most loved, emptiest, shop on all of Etsy :)

Once I DO find my camera, I'll be loading eyeglass chains, embroidered kitchen towels, and beaded badge holders (a favorite with the ladies at Wonder Daddy's office). I'll probably send a few of the "toys" (crayons, tutus, etc) to friends and then the remainder will go to the yearly Bishop's Toy Drive. It's a great thing- we send all kinds of cool toys to the Deseret Industries, and the Bishops of the wards can give families vouchers to go Christmas Shopping. How cool is that? You can go to a separate section of the store, full of new toys and games and clothes (either new or in SUPERB condition) and pick out the perfect gift for your little brother!

If you DO want to order anything that you've seen pictures of, or a custom piece...well just e-mail me :o) Because I aim to please.

Anyway, thanks for coming on this roller coaster with me and now I can buckle down and start planning my Christmas baking, and Thanksgiving side dishes, and making all the Christmas gifts I've been bookmarking. And, Annie Oakleaves if you're reading this- I'll start stitching that pattern this week. :)

I hope everyone had a great Sunday! I know we did. Mimi slept 9:00-6:00, then 6:30-9:00. Which means that we all had a VERY good rest last night. (Can you tell I needed it? I forgot to even title my last post!) Church was wonderful, as always, and we had a great dinner with my family. Thanks for coming over tonight, guys.

Oh, and my favorite part of yesterday's craft fair? The little girl dark-haired girl, with shining eyes and a crumpled $1 bill in her hand, asking for the pink crayon. She walked away clutching her mama in one hand and her crayon in the other, with the most enourmous grin on her face.


Aunt LoLo said...

The show sounds great, honey.

Why can't you use the pictures you already took, for Etsy? If you need them shrunk, please let me know - it would only take me a few minutes to shrink the whole batch, and then you won't need to crop. Just let me know.

Casey said...

I'm excited to see your shop. I hope you find your camera soon. :)

What was your most popular item at the craft fair? Was it fun? Do you think you would do it again?