Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Re-Hash

Oh folks, this was a good year. We've never convinced Ernie to hit more than a house or two- we've always had church parties on Halloween, and traipsing around the neighborhood is not high on the agenda of a cranky two-year-old. But we're in a new ward now, and our party was TUESDAY, leaving the holiday totally open!

Ernie was a champ- legs and arms pumping, she strode from door to door. A few loud knocks, an energetic "Boo!" (we work with the words we've got, and trick or treat is definitely NOT in the arsenal yet), a quick "Najoy" (Yeah, that means "thanks") and she was off to the next house with porch lights. Wonder Daddy stayed home with a sleeping Mimi, and we traded places once she woke up. Because when she wakes up she wants food NOW, thankyouverymuch. His exact words over the phone were "I've held her off as long as I can." Somewhere in our family lines there is an eagle whose genes are finally showing themselves. You can see her little face start to twist and screw... just before she blows completely through you ear drums and your brain starts to throb. Yeah, it's short but potent.

I hope everyone had a fabulous, safe holiday...and welcome back to NaBloPoMo! You're about to hear a lot more than you have been about my little family, and my frantic efforts at a craft business, i-ground-the-wheat-myself bread, hand-made holidays kind of life!

Gather your courage, and welcome!


Aunt LoLo said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm glad Ernie had so much fun.

Long live daily posts! This must be what I've been saving all those memes for. ;-)

Melissa said...

She has an adorable little face :)