Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday morning was a SHOPPING day! Of course, we didn't do much for the economy (sorry guys) but we had fun. Wonder Daddy was given a gift card to a large electronics store, so we wandered there for a while. I took the girls and hit the Joann's sale. We all grabbed a bite to eat, and then hit the big sale at....Goodwill. Everything was 40% off! I found a great shirt (new with tags!) and short trenchcoat, and Ernie got her very first tricycle. She was so excited when she found out that we were going to buy it. She actually did a happy dance in the parking lot as we put it in the trunk :) It's on our deck now, with the gate closed, and she's spent hours out there yesterday and today riding around, and talking to her imaginary friends. And you can't beat the price- $2.40.

By the time we arrive home, we'd been shopping for 4 hours, and Ernie was DONE. She was a sobbing mess. "Why are you crying" "I DON'T KNOOOOOOW" *sob sob* After a good nap, she was up and perky...and ready to do something we'd been promising her all week long.

We had a high school classmate and his cutie-pie wife over for dinner earlier in the week. She works at Costco, and came with a large jar of truffles for Daddy and I, and a gingerbread house kit for Ernie.

Now my whole house smells like a cookie!

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