Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013

Morning cartoons

Ernie turned to me "What I want for Christmas is something that can't be taken away from me- the Spirit of Christmas." 

Mimi says "But if I get coal, I will give it to someone who needs a fire."

Our housecleaner came today- her little girl is adorable. We all played Aqua Doodle together.  She only speaks Spanish, and would anxiously wait for me to say "Si Si!" when she started to draw with us.

Cocoa found goggles.  He's gone!

Here he is!

Fruit for snack.  Thumbs up!

Grandpa came over with a puzzle to share.  Sharing lasted about three minutes before Mimi was in hysterics.  

Grandpa quarantined the small kids and read them stories.  There are a LOT of Madeline stories in this book, it is one of Mimi's favorites.

Cocoa didn't last long.  My dad can put any baby to sleep, just by talking.

We had to send a text to Daddy- "Will you please do my puzzle with me when you get home?"  He is the puzzle master, and puzzle was not happening for Mimi this afternoon, this is her face after attempting it on her own (she ordered us all away .). Daddy texted back "Sure!"

However after a two hour nap for Cocoa and some quiet time for the girls, we pulled out the shell and rock collections to sort and stack and weigh and microscope, Daddy came home and did the puzzle with Mimi, and peace came back.

Ernie is using one of our mini microscopes- pocket-sized and about $3 on Amazon they are a lot of fun!

We planned a simple dinner tonight- I heated up some ham steaks and Ernie made a green salad.  Grandma brought scalloped potatoes and a jello-cream cheese- pretzel crusted confection that her family has enjoyed for years.  I served a pecan and a lemon pie after dinner and J passed around cups of hot cocoa.  I feel blessed to have J's grandparents with us tonight- I knew that our family would need a quiet night which is why we stepped out of the larger family gathering. All three kids are in various states of exhaustion, it's just such a busy time of year.  With such a small group we didn't need a big menu and I got to have fun setting a nice table with family vintage linens, china, silver, and goblets.  The girls were ecstatic when the china mugs, saucers, and tea pot came out after dinner along with the creamer and sugar bowl.  They love tea parties and just ate it up.

Waiting for the grandparents to arrive

 After dinner stories. 

Come on, Grandma!

Ernie listens to the last Christmas story in her  Christmas Eve jammies.  She worked hard to finish her doll, Ivory, in time for Christmas.

Goodies for the big guy and his reindeer. Cocoa really wants to taste test.  Mimi set up the tray this year.

The girls were so.... Gosh almost miserable.  Ernie is so worked up over everything right now.  She wants to do everything we have ever done, in her memory, for Christmas.  That just can't happen.  She's been complaining of a headache all day off and on, so I put her down with a heat pack and some Tylenol and a promise that morning would come whether she fretted or not.  

Mimi said she had an ear ache so I gave her a half dose of Tylenol and told her not to worry if she fell asleep or not.  She's been complaining about that ear for a little bit.  Morning would come either way, just enjoy the dark.

Maybe I didn't do the right thing,  but I sure try!

Santa will come tonight, I have a counter of dishes to wash, and I'm feeling very blessed!  Tomorrow will be beautiful.  Today was beautiful.

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J. said...

How lovely. I hope you all had a groovy Christmas day without ear aches.