Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kid Bathroom Renovation

We are in the middle of a bathroom re-do.  So far it's taken two weeks, but the second week has mostly been "dude is here for an hour to put more mud on the walls" every day.

He came one last time this morning to sand down the walls and I gave it a coat of PVA primer this afternoon.  He'll come back and texture Monday, and then I can paint.

So far he (our great handyman) has replaced the ceiling to get rid of a recessed fluorescent lighting box, replaced the faucet to get rid of a cold water handle that hasn't been able to turn on in a year, replaced the fan in the ceiling, and replaced the light switch and GCFI.  Also, skimmed the walls to get rid of the heavy- duty knock down texture so that the new ceiling and old walls could match.  We have primed the walls and replaced the toilet -- it was a fine toilet except that it couldn't handle our kids, and I am tired of plunging.

Still to do: texture and paint the walls and ceiling, install the new light fixture, and hang a new mirror.  Then it's just fluffing- hang artwork and find a shower curtain that matches the colors.  We want to paint the cabinets white, too.  Oh, and the door looks like a large dog was regularly locked in the bathroom- the door and knob have lots of gouges and scratches in them from the previous owners.  I need to putty and paint the door, and J will install the new doorknob.  We have a good thing going- he does the heavy lifting and anything requiring a drill or wires, I paint.  (I am rotten with a drill, and great with a paint brush. Use your strengths!)

Here it is before we moved in.  That towel rack and toilet paper holder soon fell off the wall.  It's been a real classy bathroom, I tell you what!

Hall Bathroom


Mama Papaya said...

It will be so nice when it is all done!

J. said...

Very festive and cute. But you might find your kids not wanting to leave it. :)