Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hawaii Day Three

Well, rising early wasn't an issue today!  After yesterday's exertions we didn't roll over until 8:00.  Slipped into our resort clothes, and went for breakfast.  

Koi pond, while waiting for our table

Birds waiting for someone to walk away.  Just waiting...for breakfast :)

Omelette, soup, fruit, and a little scoop of muesli for me.  Omelette, fruit, and four little donuts for J.  Man doesn't mess around!  We explored the resort a bit- I looked for a beach hat but looked ridiculous in all of them.  I later complained to J that next to all the glamorous women here I feel like a fake in a place like this.  He retorted "You're not fake, they are!  YOU are real!"  Love that man.

We explored some corners we'd never been in before, and checked at the beach shack about equipment 

Found a lily pond


Looking towards the water from outside our room.

Beach at the resort, with schools of little snorkelers

Pretty sure these are parakeets eating bugs in the grass.  Hawaii is crazy.

Flowers on the grounds


After breakfast we came back to the room to book a helicopter flight and check on zip lines in the area.  

The beach sounded like a REALLY good idea today, we spent all afternoon there!  We both snorkeled for the first time- incredible!  There is a coral reef between our cove and the ocean.  It was scary to breathe at first , but I saw red, blue, yellow, white, and black fish.  I saw two eel- y things , a puffer fish, lots of sea urchins, and a whole school of white fish.  We saw big turtles too- amazing :). We sat on the beach long enough to dry and warm up and rented a kayak.  Very fun, and saw more turtles swimming.  Watching them float there just like the snorkelers and pop their heads up, open mouthed, to catch air was really funny :)

We didn't take a camera with us , but I would like to state how unfair it is that J gets the long legs, the long eye lashes , and now beach waves.  My hair just got bigger, phooey.  What a rip off, beach waves are supposed to be THE THING.  Ha!

Neither of us burned today, but we used up half a bottle of sunscreen to make that feat happen :)

(This is his smolder)

After showers, we put our hiking shoes and left the resort on foot to find a petroglyph trail just north up the coast.  Very cool :). We got back to the resort with just enough time to plop into chairs on the lounge and see the nightly tiki torch lighting ceremony.  A fellow in a green skirt and a shell necklace blew a conch shell and jogged around the grounds lighting the tiki torches.  If there were kids nearby he was a good sport about letting them help :)

We watched the sun set and then got dinner at one of the open air restaurants. Just across the path we found a group of turtles sleeping on the beach.  

Another amazing day- snorkeling, turtles, kayaking, hiking, petroglyphs, tiki torches, and open air dinner!   We need to leave at 6:00 am tomorrow, so early bedtime tonight :)

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