Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013

J hasn't had nearly as much sleep this week, we let him stay in bed this morning while the kids and I went to swim lessons.  Isn't Mimi sweet in her class?  She passed off her level two class today and will go to level three in the next session.  Ernie is staying in her same level- she needs to be able to swim much longer distances before she is ready for the next level.  I almost want to pull her out for a month or two, let her swim laps every Saturday, and then put her back in.

After swim we came back to the house and found J shoveling wood chips- the tree service left them here for us on Tuesday.  It gets dark so fast ( totally dark around 4:45) and it's hard to shovel chips after work in the dark!  Happy to see the winter solstice come and go today.

The kids had lunch and baths, Cocoa is down for his nap, and all three of us girls have found separate couches to read magazines on. Two toddlers still need presents, so we are brainstorming for that too!

We stayed on our couches and chairs all afternoon- I even fell asleep.  Ha- whoops!  J helped a neighbor take wood home in the afternoon.  The man said he runs but hasn't in a while, so J invited him to go running with our buddy around the corner.  Turns out this neighbor used to run quite well- he was an Olympian.  OK then!

We had our favorite roast dinner- cauliflower florets and chicken sausage cooked till it's nice and browned, with a pot of rice.  

The evening was our annual caroling evening at my sister's house- my oldest brother made it to town in time for the party :)

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