Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013

Awesome sauce, the girls and I slept till 8:00.  I feel amazing!  Cocoa slept till 9:00.... And then puked at 10:00.  THEN he sneezed in the bath and blew bloody boogers all over his face.  THEN he gifted me with a dirty diaper.  He is absolutely bouncing off the walls, and seems to have been saving up for this spectacular day.  Seriously love my steam mop on days like this!

Anyway.....this all turned our day of errands into a quiet day at home.  I cleaned and read, did lots of laundry, the kids played, Cocoa napped 2:00-6:30, I made fruitcake and wrapped more presents that arrived in the mail today, and after dinner we watched the Pacific Northwest Bellet's "Nutcracker" on Netflix.

Mimi tells me what she wants for Christmas

Mimi tells me what she wants for snack

Puts the "fruit" in fruitcake!

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