Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

The tree service came today to take care of some things- we had three rotten maple trees chopped down and some fir and cedars thinned out.  The kids loved watching the chipper!  He is watching the truck out the window, I caught him in his room.

Cocoa has claimed our glue gun as his own- he sneaks behind my desk chair and quietly plays.

Ernie and Cocoa ran out to play with the wood when we got home this afternoon.

Cocoa set up a drum kit on the coffee table.  Right after this we moved the lot to the floor, to protect the nativities.  Right after that, he broke a chopstick hitting the drums.  Wow.

The kids did great while J and I were gone on our trip, much better than I expected.  Monday was rough- the kids were nuts and I wore ear plugs all morning.  I joked on Facebook that I want an earmuff-style head set for Christmas, but I wasn't kidding. All three kids were practicing piano at the same time.

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