Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Starting the holidays

To count down to Christmas this month, I made an advent candle.  We light it every night and let it burn to the next mark, while we read a new Christmas book and a few verses of scriptures about Christ's birth.   I don't quite have 24 Christmas books yet, but we are close and we will spread Luke 2 over the last few days :)

 I knew that I wanted this Christmas to be different from other years.  We need more focus on the miracles and less focus on everything else :). I sat down with the kids a few weeks ago and made a list of all the things we like to do during the holidays, and then ranked them as A,B, or C.  All the A's went on the calendar, and all the B's fit too.  None of the C's did.  We will make sure we do what is important and everything else can sort itself out :). So far it has been great- I have a list on the fridge and my worrying planner, Ernie, can look and see what is coming up next.  Last night was our annual trip to the botanical gardens to see the lights, and today we make and deliver fudge.  

Cocoa and I on Thanksgiving at my sister's house.

Cousins spent the night the day before Thanksgiving.

Cocoa taking a Sunday afternoon impromptu nap.  Just a minute before this he was chatting wth me :)

The pecan pie for our Thanksgiving feast- I used almond meal for the crust, it was amazing!  We also had a lemon chess and a chocolate cream.  Pie for days, but I don't mind!  We got all the leftovers :)

The kids and I set up the Christmas decorations while Daddy was at the Apple Cup.  Go Dawgs!

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